Suppert Overview

Billing support for charges originating from WSPAY.COM

Why was I billed by WSPAY.COM?

You purchased a product, membership or subscription from a website owned and operated by Medioz B.V. You should have received an email receipt at time of purchase. If you do not have your receipt, use the purchase details to see your details.

How can I stop the billing?

Fill out the Account Cancellation Form. Once you've cancelled, you will not be billed again after the date of your cancellation. To maximum the value of your membership, your access will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle.

I lost my subscription details, where can I find it?

Please fill out our Membership Details form and receive your information again. Also check your mailbox for a email receipt we have sent you immediatelly after your purchase. The mail was sent from, you can use it as a search term.

I still have a question and/or a problem.

Please use our Contact Form to send instant message to our stuff or send us a email to, and we will take care of your requests promptly! Please attach to the message as much information about you as possible (cc number, your name, email, etc), this will help us to serve you in a the best way.

About World Secure payment

World Secure Payment is a payment service for online services which all are owned and opereated by Medioz B.V. Charges from Medioz will appear as on your on your financial statements. Processing of our transactions is done via the IPSP


If you need further help, email support at